HV Switchgears

We provide the following on site services

  • SF6 Switch gears overhauling up to 400 KV Class and VCB from 11 KV to 33 KV at site.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract of Switchgear and Switch Yard.
  • On Site Special Testing and Condition Monitoring of Breakers and Life assessment with recommendations.
  • Provide spares for all make of Breakers (SF6 & Vacuum) at competitive prices.
  • Erection, Commissioning and Testing of SF6 Breakers and Vacuum Circuit Breakers at site.
  • Retrofitting of old and obsolete breakers with new Compact breakers like BOCB( Bulk Oil Circuit Breakers) by VCB( Vacuum Circuit Breakers).
  • Third Party Inspection and Vendor Certification
  • Final Product Inspection on behalf of End Customer
  • Customer Engineers Training on O&M of VCB & SF6 GCB.

245kv spring pneumatic SF6 Gas Circuit Breakers

66kv spring pneumatic SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker

11 KV VCB Retrofit